Sharah Trust

The most common jurisdictions with forced heirship rules are civil law countries and countries with Shariah law in place.
People who consider forced heirship laws contrary to their own testamentary wishes have, for many years, used offshore trusts as an efficient mechanism to achieve such wishes. There are a large number of wealthy people who use offshore trusts to obtain protection from forced heirship.
There has been a trend emerging amongst wealthy Muslims who are required, or choose, to abide by Shariah law towards utilising Shariah compliant trusts to assist in achieving full or partial compliance. At the very least, using a trust for full compliance with Shariah law allows the Trust to continue following the death of the Settlor. This provides additional protection against spendthrift children, claims against the estate by future creditors, continuance and preservation of a family business and may also assist in tax planning.
The creation of Shariah trusts forms a cornerstone to our services with each trust instrument drafted to cater for varying requirements on a case-by-case basis.

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